Senin, 21 November 2016


Sumarni Bayu Anita1 and Lishapsari Prihatini2
1Secretary of Department of Communication STISIPOL Candradimuka Palembang,
2Chairperson of STISIPOL Candradimuka Palembang,

Since the rumor of online artist prostitution airings, Indonesian mass media was crowded of making it as atrending topic of discussion. For five consecutive days, Sunday-Thursday (10-14/5/2015), one of the major newspapers in South Sumatra, Sriwijaya Post making news online prostitution artist on the front page, three of them as headlines. The construction of social reality world of artist who is close to the commodification of the body, made this ‘old issue’getting renewable returned. The contribution of mass media on raising, framing, and discussing it providedthe significant input on the audience’s opinion, who watched, listened and read those medias. Due to this reason, the news of online artists prostitution was discussed based on the construction analysis of social reality in relation to the construction theory of Berger and Luckmann. From this analysis, the result was obtained through the dialectical social interaction from three forms of entry concept becomes reality, the objective reality, symbolic reality, and subjective reality. The news about online artist prostitution was also becoming the moral duty of the media personnel in carrying out the communication ethics. The messages that were delivered were not only as a phenomenon, but also as an icon of the meaning of social construction in the society. Artistswere the art workers whose life could not be that separated from the art of news itself.

Keywords: online prostitution, artist, construction, social reality, newspapers, communication ethics